Nursing & Human Resources Services


Quality Improvement Initiatives

  • Development and monitoring of quality assurance programs utilizing a peer review process and on-site audits to assess the effectiveness of clinical services
  • Information networking to provide up to date clinical data for case management
  • Management and oversight of service coordinator grant programs
  • Development of service coordinator grant proposal to provide case management of services for HUD properties
  • Integrated care program to enhance resident independence with an emphasis on wellness including social, educational, religious and cultural activities, pastoral care and community involvement
  • Interdisciplinary care planning process including the resident, family, resident's physician and appropriate on-site staff


Regulatory Compliance

  • Implementation of an effective admissions process
  • Auditing and oversight of regulatory requirements at federal, state and local levels
  • Development of clinical policies and procedures to maintain standards of excellence

Risk Management

  • Assistance and guidance in developing effective risk management interventions
  • Monitoring quality care services ranging from medication administration to skilled nursing care
  • Definition of levels of care and a process of evaluating changes in health status needs.


  • Specialized training for on-site staff in Alzheimer's/dementia care
  • Development of assessment tools for medication administration
  • Bi-annual inservice training on clinical best practices for Directors of Nursing

Human Resources

  • Implementation of industry-leading continuing education programs focusing on topics critical to providing a high level of quality service
  • Provision of Administrator-in-Training and LPN leadership training programs including training in general nursing, activities, Alzheimer's care, pastoral care, maintenance, employee recruitment, food service and housekeeping
  • Maintenance of human resource records
  • Human resource regulatory compliance reporting
  • Management of employee benefit programs
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